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rainy day in the ADKs

While the rain drowned our plans for the day, Tom and I stumbled upon High Falls Gorge nestled beside Whiteface Mountain. With squeaky our wet sneakers and umbrella in hand, we made the most out of the muddy nature trails. The first waterfall we discovered was a wall of rock covered in moss and a trickling stream. Tom immediately embraced the urge to climb higher for a closer look! Eventually we made our way to the Gorge's claim to fame. The maze of staircases, bridges and look-out spots made for an increasingly surprising experience. We begin with the closest, steepest viewpoint and were greeted with a rush of mist and wind. The walk continued down the side of the Gorge against towering wet rock decorated with bright green mosses and ferns, topped by even taller evergreen trees that seemed as solid as the rock below them. Looping around the trail invites you to cross bridges that view the Gorge straight on, and discover more steep wooden stair cases as soaked and mossy as the mud beneath.


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