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lakeside vows

On a stunning spring day, L+A said "I Do" surrounded by a handful of their closest loved ones in Whitehall State Park. Their neighbors shouted "congratulations!" from their porches as L+A and their guests made the short hike down the street to the water's edge to make their marriage official. They met dancing at a Baltic Centennial festival, so I made sure they'd get the chance to dance on their wedding day too. After their sun-soaked ceremony we took newly wed portraits on the walking trails, and they shared a moment slow dancing on the wooden footbridge that shortly before, was the aisle she walked down with her father. Their beautifully intimate wedding day was full of sunshine, bright smiles and amazing food that everyone helped to make. L described A as passionate to me when we first met, and boy was she right! Her talented groom handcrafted a flower covered archway in their gardens to welcome their guests to their backyard reception and even made their wedding cake himself! (I'm hoping they write a book one day on how to be the most helpful and creative groom ever!) Overflowing with love and laughter, L+A spent their special day soaking up the warm April sun, enjoying their Forsythia in full bloom, and catching up with their loved ones. Having their celebration in the home L+A have been fixing up to become their own, where they care for a shy kitty and incredible gardens (inside and out!) together, what could be more intimate and personal than that?


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