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home for the holidays

Let’s talk about holiday cards! It’s the little things in life that put the biggest smile on my face. My mom and I keep all the cards we receive during the holidays, and have a box full that we love to look through over the years. It’s such an easy and fun way to stay connected to the people you love, near and far. When Basic Invite reached out to me and asked to sponsor a post and collaborate on this I was SO excited.

Their simple holiday cards are just the beginning of their massive selection of customizable stationary. They also have beautiful dinner party invite templates, and easy to customize printed christmas cards. They have hundreds of colors to choose from, gorgeous fonts, and their designs can adjust exactly how you want it. Their customization options really make Basic Invite special.

Custom samples make it even easier to make sure your stationary or holiday cards are exactly how you want them. I had never seen this before as an option from any printing sites, and the samples kit was very well put together! It was amazing to be able to see exactly how your image will print on the type of paper chosen. They have a range of various matte and glossy papers, so having the ability to check the quality of the print is really impressive. The customizations don’t stop there, they even have gorgeous foils to choose from and over 40 different colors of envelopes. They have gold, silver and rose gold foils that you can choose to have flat or raised. The envelopes are all peel and seal, so all your cards and envelopes can be mailed, lick free!

If you thought that was great, Basic Invite even offers an address capturing service, which allows customers to share a link on social media to request friends and family’s addresses. (This is actually really cool and makes your life SO much easier!) They store the addresses in your account and you can select the ones you want to send to in the design process, they offer recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders. I can’t wait to use this myself!

The website is very user friendly, and I had a lot of fun designing my stationary samples. I designed a thank you card, two different business cards, a New Year’s card, and a graduation announcement card. My favorite sample was the clear business card, it's so unique! The ink doesn’t scratch off the clear plastic at all, and they’re a super cute and memorable way to approach business cards. The paper options are nice, and I included a close up of the Smooth Coated and Signature Matte next to each other for comparison. I do prefer the Smooth Coated, as the Signature Matte printed a little darker than I expected it to and had some discoloration in the lighter parts of the printed image. However, the Signature Matte is beautiful for writing on, and makes for the perfect stationary!

If you haven’t printed your holiday cards yet this year, I’d love to help! Getting all the cards in the mail is honestly one of my favorite things about the holidays. They’re so special and are so fun to look back on over the years. It’s such a simple thing, but makes a big impact. A tangible reminder that your family and friends love you!


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