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family memories on the Cape

J reached out for summer family photos and I was immediately ecstatic when she told me we'd be joined by grandparents and pups! There's something extra special about adding another generation into your photos, and you can never go wrong bringing your dogs in my book! We met before sunset and tuckered everyone out blowing bubbles, walking the beach, playing in the sand, and looking for seashells. It was clear that everyone was happy to be away from the -real world- for a moment, spending time together in one of the most stunning places Massachusetts has to offer. Despite the hair-whipping wind and a 90 degree day, it was the perfect summer nostalgia moment to capture for J's family. Her two young girls will have had a blast on vacation this year, and these photos will help them to remember the simple pleasures they shared as a family growing up. I have to admit, my favorite laugh of the night was when I told R that "I’m a big sister too," and she replied, “No you’re not! You’re a grown up!”


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