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coast to coast

June, 2018 consisted of over 110 hours behind the wheel across 7,000 miles...


It all began when I caught a red-eye to Denver to catch up with Amber and Luke who had already driven from Boston, to join in on the adventure. We were incredibly lucky to work with Element Hotels, staying with them throughout our trip while promoting their brand. Their hotels are eco-conscious and health-focused, and allow you to truly #stayinyourelement! Heading back East, we made it from San Diego to Boston in four days, and I can honestly say I can't imagine accomplishing something like this with anyone else. This power couple never fails to inspire me to be creative, dream big, and work hard. While on the West Coast we met up with an old friend, Marina Qutab (aka EcoGoddess), and got to learn about her commitment to a vegan, zero-waste lifestyle.... and my goodness this girl is an inspiration. I'd highly recommend to make some time to check out her zero-waste kit, and how she is saving the planet one kit at a time.

From the mountains in Boulder, to the deserts of Moab, the cacti in Phoenix, the heat of Devil's Canyon, the sea lions in La Jolla, the windmills and fracking along I-10, Magnolia in Waco, and of course the farms... everywhere else. This entire trip still feels like a dream, there's no better way to really grasp what the land of this country holds than to experience all of our highways firsthand.


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